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Being John Malkovich, Sandro Miller


Trey Anastasio

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"Life is a tangled web of unexpected events. Never claim or believe that anything is certain."


VIne by: Jenna Saniano

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oh NO a GIRL!!!!!! with HAIR in places that HAIR GROWS !!!! AHH!!!!!


Trying out some technique after watching Anthony Jones’s tutorials.

What gang is this

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The Giant Earthworm
David Attenborough is the best ❤


Lumbricus badensis

…is a species of giant Lumbricid earthworm, which is endemic to the upper-elevation spruce forests of Germany’s Black Forest. Reaching lengths of around 60 cm (24.6) in length L. badensis is one of the largest European species of earthworm. Like other smaller earthworms Lumbricus badensis tunnels underground (typically 2.5 m (8 ft) deep) and feeds on organic matter, aerating the soil and contributing to the formation of humus as it moves. 


Animalia-Annelida-Clitellata-Oligochaeta-Haplotaxida-Lumbricidae-Lumbricus-L. badensis

Image: Naturschutzzentrum Südschwarzwald

Omg that reminds me!

Ugly is more than a physical description. For a woman, it’s meant to be shorthand for worthless, undesirable, and undeserving. And lesbians are by popular definition ugly women. This categorization of dykes as ugly serves a purpose. It’s not only meant to make claiming the identity less appealing, it also provides a perfect explanation for why some women choose women over men. In fact, it’s meant to rob us of that choice: presumably, we are involved with women because we are too ugly to attract a man’s attention. The problem is, we don’t seem to be aware of how ugly we really are.

"The Ugly Dyke", Wendy Chapkis from Looking Queer: Body Image in Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgender Communities, ed Dawn Atkins (via poesizing)

"But the problem is, we dont seem to be aware of how ugly we really are.  After all, if lesbians are such ugly women, where do we get off acting as if we deserve respect, civil rights, and perhaps most offensively, sexual pleasure?  The media constantly remind us that only the beautiful people deserve love, lust, and life satisfaction."

Omg, read the whole thing, it’s awesome. (via goodolbois)